SK99+ Premium lines

Introducing the revolution in kitesurfing lines: SK99+ , the best choice for every kitesurfer who demands the best from their equipment. Crafted with precision and engineered for peak performance, our SK99+ kitesurfing lines redefine the standards of strength, durability, and control.



SK99+ premium: Offers minimal stretch / shrinkage and elasticity ensuring precise and responsive control



Minimal elasticity will Reduce Energy Loss: Low elasticity in your  lines minimizes energy loss, as the power generated by the kite is efficiently transmitted to the rider. This efficient energy transfer allows the rider to harness the full power of the kite, translating to increased speed and improved performance on the water. It enables riders to make the most of the available wind energy and perform dynamic moves with maximum efficiency.


Direct Responsiveness: Kitesurfing lines with reduced elasticity offer immediate and direct responsiveness to the rider’s inputs. This direct connection allows for precise control over the kite, enabling swift adjustments and maneuvers without delay. It facilitates better execution of advanced tricks and maneuvers, contributing to an overall enhanced riding experience.



Unleash the full potential of your kit with SK99’s cutting-edge technology.



Upgrade your kitesurfing game and enjoy a new level of control, responsiveness, and reliability with SK99 Kitesurfing Lines. Don’t let inferior lines limit your potential – choose the best and ride with confidence.



Order your SK99+ Premium Kitesurfing Lines today and experience the difference.

Optimized Control

Experience a new level of precision and control with SK99+ Premium. Our lines provide exceptional responsiveness and minimal stretch, empowering you to execute even the most complex maneuvers.

Minimal Drag, Maximum Speed

SK99's sleek design reduces drag in the water and in the air, allowing you to harness the full power of the wind! Achieve remarkable speeds and gain effortless steering.

PRO kiters approved

Top riders in the world have been testing the SK99+ premium lines! All with the same comments! They make a real difference in riding. If you want to go as hard as the pro's your equipment needs to be on point.

Unrivaled Strength

Designed with the strongest materials available, our kitesurfing lines offer unparalleled tensile strength, giving you the confidence to push your limits and ride with complete peace of mind.

Unmatched Durability

SK99 is built to withstand the most extreme kitesurfing conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability even in the harshest environments. Less shrinkage and elasticity than regular lines.

Aesthetic Excellence

Not only are these lines high-performance, but they also look great. The sleek dual color design and quality craftsmanship make your kite setup stand out on the water.