Brand: The line smith
Product Code: Line set for Eleveight - 4 lines
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line set for Eleveight bars
Compatible with all Eleveight bars. Choose between 18m to 27M lines

Line set for Eleveight bars.
Replace your Flying lines for your Eleveight  bars.  Easy to place! Colorcoded lines with Eleveight attachments.  Did you know The line smith lines make your kite much more responsive. Give your Eleveight bar the perfect lineset upgrade.

The line smith lines benefits.

- Stronger than original.
- Thinner than original.
- Makes your kite more responsive.
- Easier to untangle.

** Requires pigtails!  Re-use yours or get some new ones

Line:  1.6MM  
BRAND:  The line smith
Frontline: White  -  ends in loop   - includes lower frontline 8M
Backlines: Black - ends in loop (1 side sleeved  Loop / Loop)
Length:  18-27M  
Breaking strength : 475KG 

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