Brand: The line smith
Product Code: F-one Linx - 4 lines
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line set for LINX bars
Compatible with all F-one linx bars. Choose between 18m to 27M lines

Line set for F-one bars.
Replace your Flying lines for your F-one bars.  Easy to place! Colorcoded lines with F-one attachments.  Did you know The line smith lines make your kite much more responsive. Give your F-one linx bar the perfect lineset upgrade.

The line smith lines benefits.

- Stronger than original.
- Thinner than original.
- Makes your kite more responsive.
- Easier to untangle.

Line:  1.6MM  
BRAND:  The line smith
Frontline: Black  -  ends in loop (1 side sleeved loop) 
Backlines: White - ends in Loop  (2 side sleeved  loop)
Length:  18-27M  
Breaking strength : 475KG 

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