Welcome to the Line smith.

The Line Smith –  your kitesurf line specialist. 
We produce lines for all bars, all brands and all years in our workshop in the Netherlands.
The line smith lines are stronger and stiffer than regular kitesurfing lines making it the nr 1 choice for all kitesurfers.
Our lines will maximize your kite’s performance.

You are in control!  We can make lines for any brand, any bar any length!
We can also supply you with new bridles, depowerlines and even upgrade your bar to something better.

What do you need?


15 / from
  • SK99 Dyneema
  • Long lasting
  • Wear proof


25 / from
  • SK99 Dyneema
  • Long lasting
  • Wear proof

Flying lines

110 / from
  • SK76 OR SK99+ Premium Dyneema
  • Very High break strength
  • Pre-streched
kite lines the line smith

Why Choose Us

We have years of experience making lines for kitesurfing brands. Now we are taking the line production to the end customer. Making our expertise available to anyone who needs new lines.

The best Dyneema in the world (SK99+)

For all lines we use the best available to date! Highest Quality SK99+ lines, pre-stretched, coated and very low to no stretch rate. Our flying lines are at least 475KG breakingstrength that's double the amount you get on original bars from some brands!

Spliced line ends

Many brands use a cheap way of manufacturing lines. At the Line Smith we will always splice the lines to make the strongest connection possible & reducing the risk of the line pulling out of the sleeve. Giving you that extra confidence in your equipment.

Fixed LOW Pricing

No surprises when it comes to prices! Our prices are fixed for all brands. Lower than original stock lines from your brand and much higher quality.

What Customers Say